Let’s face it.  In today’s world, most people have a side hustle (that’s a topic for another blog).  Many of those being MLM or “network marketing” companies. Many of these companies offer products I use on a regular basis. However, and this is huge, they are also responsible for the “New Bait and Switch”.

Imagine you are happily scrolling through social media. Posting and commenting like every other day. A friend request pops up. There are enough friends in common that you decide to accept the request. You anticipate that you will have interests in common and look forward to being social. You resume scrolling.

In due time you receive a private message.  It might be just a few minutes later, or an hour or two, or even a day or two but it arrives just the same. It’s an invitation to a “call” or zoom.  Or, it’s a request to post on your timeline for an entry into their contest. Or, it’s a direct pitch to purchase their product line. You know the messages. I call them the “New Bait and Switch”.

I cringe every time this happens.  Some misguided person in their upline has coached them to do this. I am sure some have had financial success doing this method. I am equally sure that at least as many potential customers have been annoyed, put off, and want to unfriend them immediately.  Some may even be annoyed enough to actually hit that unfriend button.

Relationships are the key to a successful career in MLM/network marketing company.  You don’t have to be best friends to accomplish this.  But think about it this way.

Who would you be more likely to go on a date with?

  1. Someone that sends you a message on social media
  2. Someone who approaches you at a bar or restaurant
  3. Someone you have interacted with professionally
  4. Someone you interacted with socially with friends
  5. Someone introduced to you by a friend

I think most of us will agree that the first two options are the least desirable in a dating situation. Sending private messages without interacting is the equivalent. If you are one of those people sending private messages without building a relationship with your potential customer, it is time to re-examine that practice.

Zig Zigler knew people and he knew sales.  It hasn’t changed that much in all these years, even with new technology. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. The cornerstone of relationships.